Scottish independence

Scotland have a vote today. Do they want to have the same government, led from London and controlled by big business or do they want to take a step towards a more democratic society. The London side are using fear as the bases of their election campaign and the yes campaign are using nationalistic rhetoric to capture the Scottish heart. Independence for Scotland means getting to keep their oil reserves, developing their exciting wind farms and holding their own future in their hands. A no vote means more of the same government. Big business and political elites running Scottish lives for their own benefit. As an Irish person, I hope Scotland vote for independence, for freedom.

Here is a video by the very clever and rather charming Russell Brand as he talks about the Scotish vote.

September 11th

Violence leads to violence. Since the terrorist attacks in New York we have had to witness countless other atrocities. Innocent life wasted in the pursuit of male dominance. You bomb us and we bomb you. After a while you become numb to the violence. Like a shell shocked first world war soldier, you can amble along without having to really think about where you are or what you are doing. Sports, entertainment, mood enhancing drugs and then cut to commercial. Working too hard for too little and then watching your country terrorize in the name of peace.

On September 11th 2001 we were all American. Today, war after cynical oil protecting war the America I grew up loving is an insincere soundbite. Militarized police shooting at the civilian population who are all being digitally monitors for the slightest sign of resistance. When will we say enough is enough? When will we get mad as hell at ourselves for allowing a society to form with power crazed psychopaths as our elected leaders.

This form of democracy doesn’t work. We in the West are just as guilty of terrorism as our brothers in the east. Is it darkest just before the dawn or are we about to go extinct. Remember the Cuban missile crisis? Well the stage is set for a second running of that particular episode. Russia is now squarely being confronted by the West.

Stop protecting your national interests Russia or we will cripple your economy.

Cripple our economy West and we will cut off your gas.

Shut off our gas and we will freeze your financial system.

Freeze our financial system and there will be an “accident” on your public transport system as well as a large scale internet hacking epidemic.

If we have any suspicious “accidents” on our public transport system and our companies and governments computer systems have been attacked, your Chechen enemies will find a huge stock pile of new weapons.

If our Chechen enemies find new weapons, then we will . . .

Down the rabbit hole we spin. War has been a feature of human history. It doesn’t look likely that we can stop this part of our nature, which means it is just a matter of time before some hot heads start to play chicken again. 3000 people died in New York in 2001, millions more have died since. I wish I could say the world has learnt from terrorism something useful, but in truth it has only learnt bitterness and barbarity. I am currently looking at farms in New Zealand. When world war three starts I’m moving there to fish and farm the war away. You are all, as always welcome to join me!


My Most Embarrassing Moment


We were driving down the duel carriageway and there were three of us in the car. I didn’t know the other two that well, we had just started college together and I said I’d go up with them to Stillorgan shopping centre to get some Eurosaver in McDonalds. I was in the back seat and without barely thinking about it I let out a long low “SEXY” as we drove by a girl….or at least I thought it was a girl. As the three of us turned back to look at the “girl”, “she” turned around and it was really a man with long hair in ultra skinny jeans and cuban heels. We didn’t know each other well enough for them to start slagging me. A really awkward silence ensued as they tried to figure out whether I was aggressively gay or had made a massive error.

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Mayhem in the Middle East

Middle east

 You are either with us, or with the terrorists. These words from president George W Bush sealed the future for the many innocent Iraqis now suffering in their homeland. Iraq didn’t bomb America, it didn’t have anything to do with 911 and it was being crippled by sanctions imposed on it by the UN. The only thing going for Iraq was a strong leader that ruthlessly united the country which floated on top of a sea of oil. 


 Poor old Maliki has been fired from his top post (by the Americans) for not being enough like Saddam in uniting his war torn country. The Iraqi leadership is in the middle of the reality show,  America’s next top puppet leader. Until we find a leader who can sing and dance to the American tune there will be political uncertainty in Iraq. Eventually we will end up with a leader who will be remarkably similar to Saddam. This is the cruel American joke, we are going to war to create peace. 


American cruelty


The little girl is a refugee in her own country. The Islamic state fighters want a strong religious state, well at least the fighters on the ground want that. As is always the case, there are people behind the scenes manipulating for their own benefit. If the militants who want to form the Islamic state in Iraq succeed, they will have riches beyond their wildest dreams. Iraq is filthy rich in oil deposits. The men fighting now have many reasons to fight. Getting rich quick is one of them. When America took out Saddam, they created this exact problem for normal Iraqis. I know my point of view is not a popular one, but that does not make it untrue. America is the terrorist state. Bloated on its own sense of exceptionalism, it has been destroying innocent lives for its corporate interests while labeling the native victims who fight back as terrorists since the Second World War.


 America destroyed Iraqi society by choosing to attack it. Oil fields have been secured and now we see the people being left to rot. The comatose American public don’t get to see or read about Iraq any more. They are being fed pharmaceutical mood enhancing drugs and American football to keep them distracted. A bombed out country takes years to recover from. The two bully boys of the world, America and Israel make a great team. Both show no regard for human life while pursuing their own interests. It is the equivalent of a violent bank robber calling the security guards and police that they shoot as terrorists as they steal money from the bank they have chosen to rob. Saddam was a ruthless middle eastern dictator. He had to be to control the violent divisions in Iraq. America is completely responsible for each suffering Iraqi child. Until China becomes more active in the world we must tolerate American brutality. I feel so sorry for the innocent frightened people of Iraq as they walk along dusty parched roads on their way to refugee camps. No longer the captains of their own fate, they have been reduced to beggars. 







Israel are killing the children

Israel terrorist

Israel says they are the good guys and Hamas and the Palestinians are the dirty terrorists. Israel wants a Jewish state and they don’t want the Palestinians there to ruin their party. So they knowingly have made the innocent Palestinians suffer dispicably. Even though the civilian body count continues to rise during this latest conflict, Israel keep attacking.

Palestine has a right to defend itself, they have a right to fight against the Israeli aggressor. It was their land and no amount of media spin or control can change that fact. Israel is not a victim. They are the ruthless child murderers trying to destroy Gaza and it’s people.

These are real human beings in Gaza. They have real families and lives that are being crushed. Hamas has only killed Israeli soldiers, Israel has killed nothing but innocent human beings. Wake up to this public execution. Get mad, make a difference. Boycott Israel.

Israel terrorist image

Israel terrorist image image image image image image image image image image image 

Boycott Israel